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Scope management

Macogep defines measurable needs when clarifying the project scope in a scope statement that comprise:

  • the goals;
  • the deliverables, the requirements, the boundaries;
  • the final state of the project work when it would be fully operational.


Macogep completes the scope statement by preparing:

  • the project breakdown structure and defining the works to be done, the responsibilities, the schedule milestones, the required resources;
  • the preliminary cost estimate;
  • the quality requirements, the project achievement criteria, the technical references and the contractual information.


The scope statement could have various formats according to the project type – buildings, infrastructures, or other – and stages of completion: program, conceptual and preliminary design.


While reviewing projects, Macogep experts identify scope discrepancies and their impacts on expected deliverables, budget and timeline.


Macogep manages every scope change requests or preventive and corrective actions in order to avoid project drifting.


Whenever required, value analysis workshops are set up and headed by Macogep experts aiming to refocus the efforts on expected project functionalities.