Our Services

Cost control

Macogep prepares financial feasibility studies and cost estimates leading to project budget.


Macogep construction economists use Building Information Modeling (BIM) system and software package to procure quantity take off, pricing and project optimization to ensure the project owner that its project or program cost estimate is the most realistic.


Macogep works with the project owner and its team to determine the project and program budget. While the project is in preparation, Macogep could deliver the following services:

  • Prepare cost estimate at each stage – FTP, design, final drawings, tender – to establish the baseline budget control;
  • Propose changes to optimize the design or to add or remove works to ensure to stay within the baseline project;
  • Analyse contractor bids and compare to tender control estimate. Verify fraud potential, such as fixing prices between bidders.


Macogep’s role is key in the project financial success: it is used to validate schedules, cash flow forecasts, financial monitoring, earned value of works and progressive disbursements.


Macogep is a leading partner to reassure financial institutions and project owner in accountability and certifying costs.


Macogep’s expertise also includes monitoring mortgage loans, lifespan work cost calculation, cost-benefit and value analysis.


During project reviews, while focusing on cost control, Macogep compares actual costs to earned value, updates projections, prepares monthly detail and executive cost control reports and recommends specific actions to avoid budget drift.