Our Services

Project portfolio management

Macogep assists its clients to select, within their project portfolio, the key projects that will meet their strategic goals.


Macogep applies a flexible and centralized management that will allow to structure a project portfolio comprising projects at various developing states which must be launched simultaneously.


Our experts support our clients in :

  • identifying projects according to strategic goals;
  • selecting and prioritizing projects depending on available resources;
  • authorizing and controlling project implementation;
  • maintaining project progresses within their business framework.


Macogep allows its client managers:

  • To ensure to reach strategic goals;
  • To assess and take hold of opportunities;
  • To maximize project value by:
    • Synchronizing human and financial resources allocated to projects;
    • Assessing and managing project impacts on the client organization;
    • Maintaining global view among projects.


In summary, Macogep assists its clients to make timely the right decision in order to implement the proper project at the right time.