Client : Valero (formerly Ultramar)

Date : 2013

City: Saint-Laurent/Lévis

Country: Canada

Cost : $390 M

Saint-Laurent Pipeline – Ultramar

Construction of Saint-Laurent pipeline between Levis and Montreal

  • Scope Management
  • Implementation Strategies

As a result of the growing demand for refined petroleum products in the markets served by Ultramar, especially in Quebec, the company must diversify its modes of transport to ensure a constant supply to its main distribution centre located in Montreal East.

The modes of transport that are currently used between the Jean-Gaulin refinery in Levis and the Montreal terminal are unit trains, road tankers and inshore vessels. Ultramar has decided to build a pipeline of approximately 240 kilometres long as an alternative mode of transportation to those already in use.

The pipeline must transport refined products at low vapour pressure such as distillates (diesel fuel, aviation fuel, light fuel oil) and gasoline (regular, premium).

The project involves the construction of:

  • Two pumping stations between the Jean-Gaulin refinery located in Levis and the Ultramar distribution center located in Montreal East;
  • 27 block valves and another along the main watercourses;
  • Four scraper stations;
  • One 406.4 mm diameter pipeline.