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Roger-Gaudry, Lionel-Groulx and Jean-Brillant – UdeM

Major redevelopments to the Roger Gaudry, Lionel Groulx and Jean Brillant pavilions

  • Preparation of FTP
  • Project management

Université de Montréal is undertaking major redevelopment projects in three pavilions: electrical installations and server rooms in the Roger-Gaudry Pavilion, medicinal chemistry research spaces in the Lionel-Groulx Pavilion and a cyber-justice laboratory in the Jean-Brillant Pavilion. Macogep’s mandate is to manage, plan and carry out simultaneously the three projects in the pavillions Roger-Gaudry, Lionel-Groulx and Jean-Brillant, while still allowing occupants to continue their regular activities. Macogep’s involvement, which required close coordination, helped the projects to be completed within UdeM’s budget.