Client : Hydro-Québec

Date : 2009

City: Windigo

Country: Canada

Cost : $680 M

Rapides‑des-coeurs and Chute-Allard stations – Hydro-Québec

Hydroelectric Development - Chute-Allard and Rapides-des-Coeurs

  • Quantity Surveying

Hydro-Québec undertakes the implementation of two hydroelectric power plants on the river, in the Mauricie region: Rapides-des-cœurs and Chute-Allard, with respective powers of 79 and 62 MV.

The construction of the power plants is divided in several multidisciplinary sub-projects, including:

  • Access road, Muskeg Station and permanent concrete bridge;
  • Access road, headrace and permanent wooden bridge;
  • Chute-Allard rehabilitation, access road and bridge;
  • Works related to winter and summer maintenance of the permanent and temporary roads, Chutes Allard and Rapides-des-Cœurs;
  • Rapide-des-Coeurs hydroelectric development, dam and related works;
  • Rapide-des-Coeurs hydroelectric development, works related to CN infrastructure.