Client : Graymont inc.

Date : 2010

City: Montreal

Country: Canada

Cost : $7,4 M

Conversion of kiln to solid fuel, Marbleton Plant

Conversion of kiln to solid fuel, Marbleton Plant

  • Procurement and contracts
  • Project Management
  • Cost Control

Graymont is seeking innovative combustion modes to operate its kilns, which it is looking to convert to solid fuel. The project to convert vertical kiln No. 1 at the Marbleton plant to petcoke is the first project that has received authorization from the Graymont Board of Directors. This is an ambitious and risky project, from a technical and technological standpoint. The first petcoke conversion project at Graymont was very successful, and has been replicated at other Graymont plants. Macogep has been entrusted with this innovative pilot project. It includes:

  • Construction of two buildings of steel framing and masonry casing;
  • Purchase and installation of two 200 HP compressors;
  • Purchase and installation of conveyors;
  • Purchase and installation of a dosing system;
  • Prefabrication and installation of ducting.