Client : Montreal Public Transit Corporation

Date : 2009

City: Montreal

Country: Canada

Cost : $92,7 M

Expansion of the Legendre transport hub

Expansion of the Legendre transport hub

  • Implementation Strategies
  • Time Control
  • Project Business Case
  • Quantity Surveying

Located at the corner of Saint-Laurent Boulevard and Legendre Street, the Legendre transport hub was built at the beginning of the 40’s, and no longer serves the Société de transport de Montréal’ needs (Montreal Public Transit Corporation).

With its 305 new low-floor busses, along with 202 25-m long articulated buses, the STM had to expand this garage and maintenance centre. The 22,000 sq. m. planned expansion also provided space for required maintenance installations specifically adapted to the new fiberglass busses.

The project included:

  • Expansion of the garage to receive the new buses as of July 2009;
  • Construction of a body shop, for maintenance and repairs on both types of buses.