Louis yves


Mr Louis yves LeBEAU is Macogep’s Founding President, and a renowned pioneer in Project Management. Since 1980, he has acquired his experience working with multiple engineering and construction corporations in the energy, transportation, urban infrastructure and building sectors.

Mr LEBEAU has managed numerous projects from execution to completion. Hence, he masters all the steps: from follow up to operations control, from study to methods and work process optimization, through quality system implementation with consulting engineering, construction and engineering works operation firms.

Mr LEBEAU has taught project management at the University level, and coordinated corporate training programs for over 10 years. Involved in research and development of project management related strategies and information technologies, he contributed to implementing several applications in the industry, such as cost planning and cost control integrated systems using performance measurement tools.

With his renowned expertise, he appears before the courts as an expert witness in project management and construction, and is often invited as lecturer during construction expert meetings. He is certified by the Dispute Resolution Board Foundation to chair and serve on dispute resolution committees.

His experience at the City Hall of his community, from 2005 to 2009, allowed him to acquire an acute knowledge of municipal and supramunicipal bodies operating rules: intermunicipal management board and regional county municipality.