Client : AXA Real Estate Investment Management

Date : 2019

City: Paris

Country: France

Cost : €5 M

Renovation of five office decks at La Grande Arche, La Défense

Renovation of five office decks at La Grande Arche, La Défense

  • Project Management
  • Cost Control

AXA REIM France owns part of the offices in the Grande Arche de la Défense, in Paris, France. Successive renovations were concentrated in the north side of the Arche, with notable differences between floors in terms of surfaces, use and wear, and nature of architectural and technical interventions.

The owner wishes to see the Grande Arche de la Défense get a new life as “the” place for offices, and provide a modern style in the design of spaces and their visual: materials, colors, etc.

To create a certain continuity between those spaces and the renovated offices, artists were mandated to create frescos and other visual support for each of the renovated floors, providing them with a unique identity.

The numerous closed spaces designed in the 1970’s are opened to let the light in the rooms. Private and common spaces configuration has been rethought.

The project includes:

  • Renovation of Point Spaces;
  • Complete renovation of CHC;
  • Renovation of elevators
  • Intervention of artists to a create visual identity for each floor;

The upgrading mobility-impaired person accesses and addition of personnel.