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Real estate projects portfolio – Québec City

Real estate projects portfolio – Value analysis

  • Cost control

Given the scope of the infrastructure projects required for all of Québec City, the real estate management service (SGI) now includes value analysis in its project management system to better define its needs and objectives, and to streamline projects. Macogep has been hired by Québec City as a value analysis specialist on four projects:  renovation of the Arpidrôme de Charlesbourg; construction of a new municipal garage in Charlesbourg; construction of the Maison de la littérature de l’Institut Canadien de Québec, and construction of an animal management building. Macogep faces similar challenges in all of these projects: a very wide spectrum of internal and external stakeholders, high political and public visibility, high expectations and objectives with limited budgets. And alongside these similar challenges, each project has its own specific set of issues. Despite all the challenges, Macogep is helping to bring concrete results for each project. By clearly communicating the challenges, constraints and objectives of the various internal stakeholders of the animal management building and Charlesbourg municipal garage projects, the result of the value analysis is a document that establishes a functional and technical program (FTP). Hundreds of optimization opportunities are identified, analyzed and implemented, thus increasing project performance, especially for the Maison de la littérature, with solutions proposed for the renovation of windows and repairing of foundation slabs. As for the Arpidrôme, the solutions brought to the project substantially reduce the anticipated budget overrun.