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Projects portfolio – Concordia University

Multifunctional projects portfolio – Concordia University

The Concordia University real estate comprises 65 buildings located downtown Montréal and in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce area. Some of the buildings are recent and some others have been built more than 100 years ago. This is the case for Loyola Campus original buildings. Therefore, the university carries out many building refitting and renovation projects and entrusts Macogep to ensure cost control on the project portfolio, which is worth more than $150M as part of 100 different projects that are important. Moreover, Macogep must face many issues such as asbestos removal operations and governmental procedures to apply to minor and major renovation and development works. The team must also lessen the impact of the project on day-to-day operations of 44 500 students and 5 000 faculty members and governing bodies. Macogep is able to detect budget overruns and identify rationalization solutions through the analysis of documents and the preparation of cost control estimates in construction at each phase of the project. Many works have been successfully completed already.