Client : City of Varennes

Date : 2016

City: Varennes

Country: Canada

Cost : $10 M

Multipurpose Net Zero Library – Varennes

Construction of the multipurpose Net Zero library

  • Project Management
  • Cost Control

The City of Varennes decided to build a multipurpose eco energetic library on its territory: over a one-year period, this planned “Net Zero” building would to generate as much energy as it would be using. Even more, a series of eco energetic additional components were to be integrated to reinforce the environmental prerequisites: from the physical orientation of the building itself to the choice of interior finishes, through landscape design.

On two floors, the new 2,000 sq.m. library will be built on the site of the previous library, thus avoiding modifying the ecological footprint. The project included:

  • Better access to electronical and digital resources;
  • A youth sector and a teenagers sector, both improved with new spaces and collections;
  • Activities rooms;
  • Improved spaces for on-site consulting;
  • Closed working rooms;
  • A multipurpose room;
  • A computer lab;
  • A themed area focussed on local history.