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The Montmagny Court House – SQI

Expansion and redevelopment of the Montmagny Court House

  • Value analysis

Built in 1862 and renovated several times already, the architectural gem of the Montmagny Court House has become dilapidated and non-functional. The Société québécoise des infrastructures (SQI) is planning to re-qualify and expand the building from 2,370 m2 to 4,400 m2. Macogep has been hired to conduct a value analysis. The objective is to identify optimization opportunities and options that will increase project value. Macogep must achieve consensus among the various stakeholders and propose solutions that will increase project performance without increasing costs. Through its participation, Macogep is helping to identify, question and especially respond to different specific needs that had not always been taken completely into account. Furthermore, changes are proposed at the design stage and most of the time require only simple modification of the plans. This helps to ensure the feasibility of the concepts proposed and the availability of funds to carry them out, without any change in cost.