Client : Metropolitan Public Transit Agency

Date : 2017

City: Montreal

Country: Canada

Cost : $1,5 B

Extension of the blue metro line

Extension of the blue metro line

  • Implementation Strategies
  • Time Control
  • Quantity Surveying

The extension of the Blue metro line towards Anjou, on the Island of Montreal, was decided to improve access to this eastern part of the island, and to provide a facilitated correspondence with the new Pie-IX rapid bus service, along with providing a better service to Anjou’s borough businesses and companies. Five metro stations will be added east of the actual Saint-Michel station, which will also be modified. Furthermore, over 5.5 km of underground infrastructure will be built, along Jean-Talon Street.

Those infrastructure include:

  • Kiosks, emergency exist, bus stops and bus terminals, with Park-and-Rides;
  • Surface installations around the metro stations, including: road network, urban furniture, walkways, bike areas, waiting areas and taxis, kiss and rides, and parking for users and emergency vehicles;
  • Underground infrastructure, including: platforms, mezzanines, maintenance and warehousing areas, ventilation shafts, horizontal and vertical circulation areas, pumping stations, rectifier rooms, signalling rooms, secondary distribution areas, personnel rooms and technical hallways, cables and ducts galleries, etc.