Increase of capacities at Labrador City – Iron Ore

Increase of capacities at Labrador City - Iron Ore

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The IOC and Rio Tinto invest $500M to increase IOC annual production up to $22M. The first phase of the expansion program targets a 50% increase of the total production capacity. Macogep is entrusted to execute the value analysis for the front-end engineering design of the increase of capacities project at Labrador City. Hence, the Macogep’s team identifies the needs and the performance the systems must achieve. In this way, it confirms the sum to invest instead of reducing the project costs. Value analysis workshops are set up to maximize the number of participants in the operations, the maintenance and the construction. It requires a lot of coordination from Macogep: participants and clients’ schedule is respected and the meetings occur in Labrabor City to ease the operations. The interventions of Macogep helps to identify many ideas and to optimize the project concept in order to maximize investments as well as meeting the client’s needs.