Cost : $34,6 M

Hôpital Charles-Lemoyne

Relocation and re-fit of the Emergency unit, Charles-LeMoyne Hospital

  • Quantity Surveying

The Charles LeMoyne Hospital, on Montréal’s South Shore, is expanding its emergency to maximise the use of existing surfaces for client purposes, and achieve and optimal regroup of the hospital’s operation, with a 40-bed capacity. The design and expansion comprised a future expansion on two levels for laboratories and surgery department. This project covered a 6,905 sq. m. raw floor surface, with a basement and a ground floor. It included:

  • A new construction;
  • Relocation and rehabilitation of the emergency (3,700 sq. m.)
  • Demolition of outside structures and selective demolition of buildings;
  • A 75 sq. m. expansion of the mechanical room, on Block C’s roof;
  • A 615 sq. m. rehabilitation in the actual emergency;
  • Modifications to car and pedestrian accesses to the emergency.