Client : Commerz Real Investment GmbH

Date : 2016

City: Paris

Country: France

Cost : €14,5 M

Renovation and expansion of the Espace Kleber real-estate complex

Renovation and expansion of the Espace Kleber real-estate complex

  • Project Management
  • Cost Control

Commerz Real Investment GmbH owns the “L’Espace Kleber” real-estate complex in Paris. A few minutes away for the Place de l’Étoile in the hearth of Paris, this building is located on a privilege site, close to the Triumph Arch and the renowned Champs Élysées. Completely restructured in 1999, the Espace Kleber combines classical and contemporary architecture. Until recently, it was occupied by Veolia and the Crédit Suisse Bank. The owner decided to renovate the whole real-estate complex by increasing its available space from 9,000 sq. m. to 10,000 sq. m. to install standard-size offices. Also, the new technical installations will provide a noticeable energy savings. The project also aims to the BREEAM certification, and includes:

  • Modification and repositioning of vertical circulation;
  • Widening of the yard-liaison building, to make it more functional;
  • The rehabilitation of common areas for contemporary uses: a café opened on a garden, auditorial facilities in the basement with meeting rooms and eating area;
  • A gym, showers and a storage room for bicycles.