Client : SCI Volpelière

Date : 2015

City: Arles

Country: France

Cost : €5 M

Creation of the Domaine du Possible School

Creation of the Domaine du Possible School

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  • Project Management

Created by Françoise Nyssen and Jean-Paul Capitani of Actes Sud publishing house, along with Patrick Bouchain, the Domaine du Possible School offers both children and teenagers an alternative education, developing “emancipation”, from kindergarten to secondary school.

It is located in the heart of a rehabilitated agricultural estate, the Volpelière, spreading on 120 hectares, 18 km from Arles in Southern France. The school offers students a training in agriculture: permaculture, agroforestry, aromatic plants, etc.

This school also practices a holistic pedagogy, based on a balance between academics, arts, and practice.

The project covers two locations: one in the Mejan Chapel, which is part of the Actes Sud Publishing House headquarters in historical Arles, and one at the Volpelière domain. The project covers:

  • Upgrading to standards in compliance with rules of the ERP (established funded by public) of the Mejan Chapel, to install the “pioneer” school;
  • Transformation of old building at the Volpelière domain to create 2,000 sq. m. of rooms.