Client : Régie des installations olympiques

Date : 2014

City: Montreal

Country: Canada

Cost : $28,3 M

Project portfolio, Olympic Park Sports Centre

Project portfolio, Olympic Park Sports Centre

  • Project Portfolio Management
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Risk Management

A parapublic organisation, the Régie des installations olympiques (Olympics Installations Board), in Montreal, was created in 1975 to complete and fit-up the Olympic installations, while preserving their integrity. The Olympics Park main activities are now special events, tourist services, and the training facilities of the Sports Centre. The Park has undergone several asset maintenance project over the last years, and the RIO requires the services of an independent expert in cost estimates for some of those projects:

  • Rebuilding of outside slabs ($18.8 M), to compensate for degradation problems: replacement of insulation systems and waterproofing, and reconstruction of used slabs;
  • Rebuilding of the Sports Centre ($8.8 M), including the renovation of dressing rooms, reception and training rooms: ventilation, plumbing, electricity, structure and architecture works;
  • Re-engineering of the telecommunication network ($1.5 M), with the installation of new cables and the fit-up of 27 cabinets rooms, in the administration offices, the Olympic Stadium, the Sports Centre and pools, the Montreal Tower, and the thermal power plant.