Cost : $20 M

Boulevard Industriel et piste cyclable

Reconstruction of Industrial Boulevard and implementation of a bike path in exclusive right-of-way

  • Project Management
  • Cost Control

The City of Montréal-Nord is rebuilding the Industriel Boulevard, an east-west oriented boulevard at the limit of Montréal-Nord and Saint-Michel borough, in Montréal, from Saint-Michel to Lacordaire boulevards.

The works include:

  • Complete rebuilding of sidewalks and road sides, both north and south of the boulevard;
  • The implementation of a bike path on the south side of the boulevard, along the railway;
  • Moving and replacing the drain wells and public utilities covers, by adjustable ones;
  • Replacing sewers sections and moving standpipes;
  • Landscape design, replacement of lighting system, upgrading of traffic lights and public utilities works.