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Biomethanation Centre – Quebec City

Quebec City Biomethanation Centre – Value analysis

  • Cost control

Quebec City is undertaking construction of a biomethanation centre to treat food waste and municipal wastewater sludge. The total treatment capacity of the new centre will be 182,600 tonnes/year by 2038. Macogep has been hired by Québec City as a value analysis specialist to find optimization opportunities for the project, within a limited budget and while meeting the city’s objectives: to ban the incineration and dumping in landfills of organic matter, to maximize grant amounts and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This is a huge challenge for Macogep in that the project is innovative in several respects: the volume of waste to be treated, because the city wants to make it one of the largest centres in North America and because the technological processes are innovative and relatively unknown. Therefore, this is a high political and public visibility project. The value analysis conducted by Macogep will help to clarify the needs and objectives of the project, recommend appropriate contracting strategies and identify more than 34 project optimization opportunities.