Client : City of Montreal

Date : 2010

City: Montreal

Country: Canada

Cost : $8,6 M

Atwater drinking water plant – Montreal

Rehabilitation of the building envelope, and securing Atwater water production plant

  • Project Management

Located east of Montreal’s downtown, the Atwater water plant was built in 1911. Since then, it had been expanded successively in 1927, 1947, 1948, 1951, 1958, 1960 and 1967. Today, it offers the largest drinking production facility in Quebec, and the second in Canada. In 2007, the City of Montreal’s drinking water management had to rebuild the envelope of the plant’s building, and access control facilities. Works were done in respect of the heritage aspect of the building, and included:

  • Rebuilding of 65% of bricks by replacing decorative elements of terracotta;
  • Replacing all windows;
  • Construction of a new building for security purposes;
  • Installation of a peripheral detection system -1.7 km.